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Monday,October 3, 2016

Speaker: Dan Grenard
Interpreting the Western Interior Seaway in Canon City; the Bridge Creek Interpretive Site

Dan GrenardTwo interpretive projects have been completed in the hogbacks abutting Canon City on the west. The first project consists of two interpretive signs introducing the geology and paleontology present in the hogbacks. The signs are located along the Greenhorn trail with a nice overlook of everything from Ft. Hays Limestone to the Dakota Sandstone. The second project is focused on the Bridge Creek member of the Greenhorn Limestone and that project now consists of two large interpretive signs and seven smaller signs each with an interpretive description and a full sized gorgeous fossil replica. The seven signs are located along a spinoff trail that cuts through and exposes all the layers of the Bridge Creek member, Hartland Shale, and Lincoln Limestone all within the Greenhorn Limestone. The presentation explains how the vision came to be and how we accomplished what is a well received addition to our local community on a shoestring budget. The presentation will conclude with what the next phase of this effort is which we believe will beautifully take a subject that was very poorly understood to one that the community and visitors can embrace and understand.


Dan Grenard graduated with a B.S. degree at Colorado State University in 1979 and worked as a geologist for the next 30 years. Grenard managed mineral activities on public lands which gave him a chance to get acquainted with a broad range of areas in the east half of Colorado and participate in work ranging from environmental cleanup of acidic mine drainage to permitting various mineral projects using a lot of GIS in the process. After retirement he began to work with local fossils enthusiasts (Fremont Stones 'n Bones!), BLM, and others continuing his interest in the dinosaur story. Over the last three years he has also become somewhat infatuated with the Western Interior Seaway and the rather interesting middle Ordovician/Harding Sandstone story.

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