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 Lynn Clos
Lynne M. Clos : "Field Adventures in Paleontology"
--let me take you on a personal tour of some dig sites and show you the fossils found there.
Lynn Clos
Allison Lee Clos: Allison's Stegosaurus Site --illustrated story about an 8-year-old's favorite dinosaur
Wayne Itano -- Itano Family Fossil Collection
Sciadiocrinus wipsorum
Sciadiocrinus wipsorum -- The crinoid named after WIPS

Peggy Lemone and Peter Gilman  Spectacular Collection --A most beautiful collection of ammonites, shells and baculites and a story for each of the fossils on this page.

Steve Veach -- An informative as well as a beautiful report on Toadstool Park.

Michon Scott --Features historical information in a whimsical style - ENTERTAINING
Paleo Currents
Steve Wagner --Paleocurrents.com – Steve Wagner’s site with coverage of WIPS field trips and current paleontology projects at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science.
Jerry Suchan -- Fossils collected from many WIPS field trips, some of which Jerry led.