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The Science of Discovery

Each summer and fall, the Western Interior Paleontological Society (WIPS) conducts field trips to study, recover and collect fossils in Colorado and other parts of the western U.S. Trips range from a day collecting marine fossils that lived in ancient seas, to recovering plant and insect fossils high atop a mountain pass, to behind-the-scenes tours of museum collections.

Our members often work closely with professional paleontologists to excavate sites, discover scientifically important fossils—and help advance the science of paleontology.

Announcements of upcoming field trips are posted in our newsletter and in the members area of our website. Member field trip sign-up

Ethics in the field

All field trips are conducted with the permission of landowners, and in accordance with federal, state and local regulations pertaining to collection policies, practices and regulations.

Join WIPS. Explore with us.

WIPS field trips are available to members only. To learn more, come to a monthly meeting (open to the public) or become a member.

Photos of past field trips