Western Interior Paleontological Society - Update Your GPS

Are you sometimes concerned about whether your GPS is working properly? Now you can check it out!

On the East Side of the Denver Museum of Natural History, in the lawn area directly in front of the IMAX entrance, is a USGS benchmark.  To find it, walk out the east entrance (from the snack bar), and proceed due east until you are about 30 feet from Colorado Blvd. The benchmark is inside an aluminum pipe with a hinged lid marked "Colorado Department of Transportation-City Park" and is surrounded by a concrete collar.  It is flush with the ground. If you don't find it right away, walk either North or South 15 or 20 feet until you spot it. It is also 156 feet north of the Northeast corner of the entrance gate to the museum on Colorado Blvd. The exact location of the survey mark is:

39N 44' 52.71761"

104W 56' 27.43564"

Elevation is 5304 feet

This station's location was last verified by GPS observation in January 1998 by the National Geodetic Survey. A copy of the official station description is available in Geology.

If you are using topographic maps from USGS you need to Update the Declination

If you are having any problems with your GPS, pull up these very helpful web sites.

  GPS Update   and  GPS World