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Some Good Commercial Sites

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Reference Site

Fossils 101 - How can you tell Yahoo: Earth Sciences: Paleontology Introduction to Cladistics -- This includes cladigram software for the Mac
Update your GPS
Mammal Species of the World -- A complete dated list of mammals
K-T Boundary Reference List -- An excellant reference list of K-T Boundary literature Cultural Resources Management -- This the resource for what's happening in our National Park System
Marine & Paleobiological Research Institute-- The Institute is education and research in the marine and paleobiological science
California Fossils -- Great fossil page for marine animals
National Park Service Report -- Report on Federal and Indian Lands
Jacksboro, Texas Fossils-- Pictures to help you identify invertebrates and provided by the Dallas Paleontological Society


USGS- Manuscripts and maps
Greater Denver Mineral Council -- Please check this page to find out details of the show in September.


Stones 'n Bones -- Activities and education for Fremont County, Colorado geology (Stones) and fossils (Bones).
-- This is your information-sharing and specimen-trading link for all amateur fossil-collectors throughout the world.
-- Northwest Paleontological Association -- Occasionally Kirk Johnson works with this organization.
Mazon Creek Fossils -- Some of our members have come back with beautiful specimens to add to their collections.
Dinosaur Ridge
-- Every year Dinosaur Ridge and Triceratops Trail are destinations for close to 100,000 dinosaur enthusiasts, earth scientists, students of all ages, and nature lovers.
The FOSSIL Project -- Building connections in the paleontological community. This site has a map of paleontological organizations throughout the U.S.
-- Geological Society of America
National and international societies with consistent aims and missions of advancing the geosciences and/or science in general are invited to affiliate with GSA as Associated Societies.
-- Big Horn Basin FoundationThis foundation provides outstanding, hands-on paleontological experiences that are engaging and enjoyable for all ages.


Eocene Florissant
Florissant Database


Field Museum - Allows participants to follow our scientists as they conduct fieldwork around the world.
Morrison museum -- Fantastic resources on dinosaurs 
Hagerman Fossil Museum-- A rich history of the site
Tate Museum Worthwhile visit to Casper just to visit this museum which offers a dynamic experience. This page features the geology museum at South Dakota School of Mines Friends of Dinosaur Ridge -- Dinosaur Ridge


An actual, indepth look at teeth diversity is also found
Primate Dentition
Digital morphology


Avian paleontology
This is a collection of links to literature on avian palaeontology freely available online. At the moment it comprises some 1600 links


See satilite maps of fires around the world

Public Land Regulations:

Before going onto public lands - State or Federal -
you should confirm the land ownership, and follow all laws and regulations
applicable to paleontology (which can include more than collecting).
These links give you a place to begin. Further resources can be located online
if necessary, using Google Search, or searches within the various agencies' web sites.

State of Colorado
Bureau of Land Management
USDA Forest Service
National Park Service