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Founders Symposium 2011
The West That Was: Exploring Colorado's Fossil Past
February 12 & 13, 2011

Colorado thousands and millions of years ago was a very different place from the Rocky Mountain region we know today. From mammoths that grazed near alpine swamps, todinosaurs that roamed Cretaceous beaches, to sea lilies that swayed in ancient seas, our state has a rich fossil history.

Keynote Presentations

James I. Kirkland, PhD, State Paleontologist, Utah Geological Survey
Taphofacies in the Fruita Paleo Area (FPA): implications for reconstructing Upper Jurassic paleoecosystems

Vince Matthews, PhD, State Geologist & Director, Colorado Geological Survey
Colorado's Colorful and Fantastic Geology

Kirk Johnson, PhD, Vice President of Research & Collections and Chief Curator, Denver Museum of Nature and Science
K-T Boundry

Ian Miller, PhD, Denver Museum of Nature & Science
Snowmass Fossils: Mammoths, Mastodons and other discoveries from the recent Snowmass, Colorado, Ice Age findings


Louis H. Taylor, PhD (moderator), Denver Museum of Nature & Science
The Colorado State Fossil, Stegosaurus, and similar dinosaur-bearing beds in Portugal

Malcolm Bedell,Jr.  Western Interior Paleontological Society
Deep Time on The Santa Fe Trail: the Oceans of Baculite Mesa

Steve W. Veatch, Friends of Florissant
Florissant Fossil Beds

Linda Soar/Jim Bullecks, Western Interior Paleontological Society
Beachcombing the Broken Rib two miles high
(Fossils from the Flat Tops area)

Michael L. Graham, Western Interior Paleontological Society
Douglas Pass, Green River Formation Fossils

Sue Ware, PhD, Denver Museum of Nature & Science
Death in High Places: the fossil fauna of Porcupine Cave, South Park, Colorado

Emmett Evanoff, PhD, University of Northern Colorado
White River fauna

John R. Foster, PhD, Museum of Western Colorado
Late Jurassic Lilliput: The Microvertebrate World of the Morrison Formation

Martin G. Lockley, PhD, University of Colorado at Denver
Dinosaurs and Dinosaur Tracks of Colorado

Steve D. Jorgenson, Western Interior Paleontological Society
Ontogeny of Didymoceras Hyatt, 1894, in the Late Cretaceous (Middle and Upper Campanian) U.S. Western Interior